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Screen display problems with Kyno 1.8


I just downloaded Kyno 1.8 Trial to see how well it will work for my workflow with Resolve 16.2.x.

I have a newly built PC with the following specs:

AMD R9-3950x

Gigabyte Aorus GTX 1080Ti (running the latest NVIDIA drivers (442.92))


ASUS Crosshair VIII

2TB M.2 NVME Gen 4 SSD (Boot)

2TB (RAID 0, 4x500GB SSD) (video editing)

Dual Dell u2413 1920x1200 SDR monitors (calibrated)

I am testing the software on one of my daughter's soccer games. 

The first time I tried skimming through the first of 4 total videos it played back OK.  However, when I tried to actually create a sub-clip with in/out points and add metadata, the "screen" redraws began to get messed up. The Metadata, Content, Subclips, Tracks tabs "duplicated/overlapped" themselves.  In addition, the entire area below the video playback (excepting the time code, which was also duplicated/overlapped) turned into a solid, if irregular, white block (over the area where the File, Size, Modified, Created, etc. information is displayed).

I closed the application and tried again.  I was able to get most of the way through setting the in/out points and added the metadata, but by the time I finished with the first sub-clip and metadata, the area under the Devices (the area where drive/folder tree is displayed) had duplicated itself over the area that was white the previous time.

I do not have any similar problems with any other applications I use, including browser, Resolve, a couple games, etc., apps that I would expect to demonstrate problems if this were hardware (e.g. memory, video cards, etc.).  I currently have about 16GB RAM in use and about 46GB free.  Kyno is using just under 2GB of RAM.

I have been a formal beta tester for a number of applications in the past and this feels like that.  Is 1.8 not a full release?

I have attached an example of the screen redraw problem.  In this case, I was able to create sub-clips through about 26 min of video (the end of the first clip) and when I clicked on the "4 squares" icon to view all of the associated media in this sub-directory, you can see what happened.

The only way I know of to "fix" the problem is to close Kyno and restart it.

Is anyone else having similar problems?


No one has any thoughts?  Kyno tech support?  Kyno forum personnel?

For all practical purposes, it is unusable.  At least as a "professional" tool.  One of the reasons I left Adobe Premiere was because of the (less frequent) crashes.  Ok, Kyno hasn't "crashed", but the screen redraw issue makes it equally unable to use.


FWIW, I still have this problem. Kyno is almost impossible to use, as is. I have reinstalled with the same problem.
And this is the ONLY application that has this kind of problem. I'm interested in buying it, but I can't if it won't work...
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