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Audio/Video sync with timecode or waveform

Hi, is there any way to use Kyno to sync audio clips from an external recorder with video clips based on timecode? Or even based on waveform? Since audio syncing is a huge part of generating proxies for editors it would be essential in my opinion. I am working on a feature film later this year, and wanting to see if Kyno could be an alternative to existing data management software out there. 

One issue with Davinci Resolve for dailies/proxies workflow is that it renames audio files after syncing, to the same name as the video clip. If this could be avoided, and clips synced and sent to premiere or avid with respective filenames intact, that would be very useful. 

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Hi Martin, I'm afraid not currently. There is no mechanism in Kyno to sync or combine separate audio/video clips. We don't get this request for the first time and may look into such functionality but I can't make any promises at this point. Thanks, Thomas

Noted. Thanks for your reply, Thomas!
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