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60fps footage is playing back in slow motion


I am looking Kyno to manage my Videos. So far it's great. However I uploaded 60fps footage from my iPhone and when playing it back it always is in slow motion. The audio plays back in normal speed.

How can I make it play back in noemal speed?


I now also tested 4k@60fps recordings made with Filmic Pro on the iPhone (11) and It also shows that issue. could it be a problem with the HVEC format or with the VFR?

Ok so I now also recordeed a 4k@24fps clip and that plays back fine. I also tested 4k@60fps footage from an Osmo Pocket and that plays back normal even over the network (1 gb local in the next room). So Kyno sems to have an issue with 4k60 footage from iPhones.

Ok, so I did now play it from a local drive and it still has the same slow mo effect. I checked in Taskmanager. Whyle the CPU is at about 50 percent, it is not maxed out. I do also have problems playing it in VLC.

Though it does seem that Kyno just is just playing it at 24fps.

So it plays back normally when you copy it to a local drive? Where is the footage stored, on a NAS or are you remoting into an office? You can transcode whole folder structures to a proxy format using Kyno's convert function and checking the box "Keep folder structure from source". 

I am on Windows and it does playback. Indeed it seems to be a performance issue. The network is not fast enough. Is there a way I can generate a loval procy file to view it?

Hi, sounds like it could be a performance issue. Does the file play back normally in Quicktime for example? Are you on Mac or Windows?

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