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Can't get convert to work for H.264

Hi, I'm new to Kyno. Using 1.8 on a Mac running 10.15.6. I can't get Kyno to convert/encode any files to H.264 or HEVC. It acts like it's going to start the conversion, but nothing happens. I can convert/encode to any flavour of ProRes or DNxHD no problem. Any thoughts?

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Point of clarification. The only files I'm having a problem converting in Kyno are HDV 1440x1080i, 29.97 filmed on a Sony camera. Any H.264 or HEVC setting in "Distribution" or "Web" will not encode. We shot with this camera for several years, lots of key b-roll we still use. So I'm wondering if there will be a fix soon?

I did find one buggy work-a-round choosing "Convert", "Editing", "MPEG4", the files transcode to proxies fine viewing outside of Kyno, but inside Kyno I'm getting mix results with some bugs.

1. Gray frame and nothing plays, but playing the same clip directly in Finder works fine.

2. Default poster frame is garbled visually and Kyno does not always want to accept a new poster frame.

3. Default poster frame is sometimes skewed at the top, but plays fine in Kyno.

I've attached a few screen grabs. Thanks for your help.

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