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Workflow for FCPX?

Hi, I"ve been searching the web, FAQs and other posts on lesspain. Haven't found anything yet that specifically addresses a good workflow with FCPX. Any links you can suggest that would be helpful? Thanks!

Hi CG, good point - we haven't produced a video on how to use Kyno with FCPX yet, but are planning to do so in the coming weeks.

In general there isn't "the" workflow with Kyno and FCPX as Kyno is such a versatile tool and it depends on your type of work and team. But in general people use Kyno to capture metadata as early in the process (offload from camera, then tag and annotate material, transfer it to production storage), manage media on production storage or shared drives, add more metadata (like markers on the most interesting parts, subclips for stuff you want to use in edit) and then transfer this metadata to Final Cut, so you have a project that's already pretty well prepared by others.

There's a video on how to use Kyno with Resolve, most of which can be applied to Final Cut as well:

Kyno's FCPX integration is even more advanced as you can drag and drop clips from Kyno to FCPX, import metadata from FCPX to Kyno (also by drag and drop).

Hope that helps!

Yeah, it's funny, right after I posted that I found this excellent video with Robert Krüger at NAB 2017 saying the same thing about there not being "a" workflow with Kyno. I get that now. 

I think I was still just a little bit confused about the dragging and dropping when you have a project already in FCPX with some metadata and some that was added in Kyno to get them to merge together. I vaguely remember seeing a video somewhere that sort of mentioned it. So I tried dragging a clip from Kyno onto the same clip in a FCPX Event and just ended up copying and pasting a duplicate of the same clip in FCPX. I know it's simple and just my user error, just trying to wrap my head around that. Is there any document or user guide that talks about that? Thanks, I appreciate the help!

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