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Will Dropbox Smartsync work with Kyno?

Hi, I'm testing syncing/transferring metadata from a sample of proxy video clips I've placed in Dropbox. I've turned on the "Smartsync" option in Dropbox, so the proxy files are only in the cloud, BUT the local Dropbox folder has some kind of hidden links to each clip. That way I can still see them, add metadata, etc in my local Dropbox folder in Kyno Workspace.

But is Smartsync supported in Kyno? In one test I could select the proxy files in Dropbox and "copy" them, then select the originals on our RAID and "Paste Metadata" and it seems to work. But when I select the files on Dropbox and export a Kyno XML with new metadata, then "Import Metadata" for the original files on the RAID and no metadata is transferred.

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I've turned Smartsync off for now, but this is a pretty cool feature if it's currently supported or will be in the future. Mainly anyone using a Dropbox workflow with Kyno would not have any of their proxies (or any assets) actually on their computer. All in the cloud, yet it still shows up as a local drive in Kyno.

We're not sure we are going to use Dropbox at this point, but just wanted to see how it worked after watching the Kyno-Dropbox video. Appreciate all you guys are doing!!

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