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Sync challenges +interesting tests with Dropbox and LucidLink

I'm currently running Kyno 1.8.1, Premium Edition, Mac OS 10.15.6 w/new iMac 10 Core i9, 32 gigs ram. 
Note: my workflow is getting metadata I add in Kyno at home to backup footage on our work servers the one day a week I am in the office. Work servers can't really be accessed from home. Plus I want to do daily backups. So I'm testing having proxies in the cloud to then back up to each evening. Then later syncing that metadata in the cloud to the work servers.

Not being critical here, we love Kyno. Just trying to work out some bugs.

1. DropBox & Kyno metadata only workflow is not workable with several hundred clips from my experience. Everytime I try to copy a folder of original clip metadata (select all, copy) on our RAID and then select all, "paste metadata" to proxies in Dropbox, the metadata for the clips are synced very quickly to dropbox, but Kyno freezes up anywhere from 5 minutes up, but mostly Kyno hangs indefinitely with fans going full bore, and Kyno using 300 % of the CPU (Activity Monitor). This happens with export/import xml as well.

When I do the same process to a second attached drive (not connected to Dropbox) metadata for 300 clips syncs within a few seconds to a minute max. Kyno never hangs.

2. LucidLink metadata only workflow (like the above dropbox proxy workflow) seems faster than even copying and pasting metadata to a secondary attached drive. It's super fast and seems to work really well. But see #3 with a metadata bug.

3. With both LucidLink, Dropbox and even secondary attached drives, in several sets of 300 clips, metadata refuses to merge with a dozen or so clips in each set. I can copy and paste metadata individually to those, clip by clip, and it works fine. Note that those same clips, copy/pasted metadata perfectly from the original HDV clips on the RAID to ProRes copies on the same RAID. So strange. It's like any copy/paste of metadata outside of the same drive the original clips are on has some missing metadata.

4. Kyno is somewhat buggy with HDV footage (1440x1080i 29.97, originally digitized in FCP7. We have a lot of very important archival footage in this format). As I've posted before, poster frames are sometimes wonky or just gray, Kyno repeatedly grabs the last few frames of each previous shot and places them in the front of the next shot. These clips play/view/edit fine in Quicktime and other video editors.

As a result, I did some promising tests, I have encoded one large shoot of HDV files to ProRes Progressive in Compressor. This solves some problems in Kyno, but we had to do the proxies in Compressor as well since we were still getting wonky or gray poster frames or just blank poster frames viewing proxies in Kyno created from the Compressor ProRes transcodes. However, the Compressor ProRes files look and behave fine in Kyno. Also proxies created in Compressor, so far, seem to work fine in Kyno.

In short, my biggest issue at the moment is why some metadata will not move over with copy/paste (or export Kyno XML/import) metadata to anything but copies of footage on the same RAID. Why is that and how to solve it? I thought about manually moving just the sidecar files Kyno creates, but I would need to use a third party app to reveal the .LP_Store hidden file on Mac. Just moving whole folder structures would not be workable or reasonable in our workflow.

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