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Add option to use hidden/visible metadata files

Kyno’s metadata is stored as hidden files. This makes it difficult to copy a folder to another drive and retaining metadata in the copy, e.g. by using a backup application such as ChronoSync. ChronoSync supports hidden file copying but this risks copying system files that should not be copied. The only option seems to use Kyno for all copying of folders containing video files. It would be great to have the option to have the metadata files as visible files instead to make external copying retain metadata.

Thanks for reaching out, I understand the issue and forwarded your request to the product team. Can you define exception in ChronoSync, i.e. ignore hidden files but explicitly allow everything underneath .LP_Store?

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Thanks Thomas. I am running a trial now of Kyno and I must say that overall this is an absolutely brilliant application that enables an efficient workflow with a review, culling and adding metadata-step before Final Cut Pro. Another good thing is that the metadata remains outside Final Cut as well so it is possible to use another NLE if needed in the future with preserved metadata.

Regarding the .LP_Store folders, yes there is in principle a lot of possibilities to create advanced rules in ChronoSync with inclusions and exclusions. But when trying this, I did not find a way to make a general rule in ChronoSync that can be applied to all media asset folders, as ChronoSync requires the full parent paths to be specified - no relative paths. This means that it is not possible to include files where the parent is ".LP_Store" as the full path to each .LP_Store folder is required. It is possible, though, to exclude usual Mac OS hidden files, e.g. .DS_Store. I now see in Kyno's Preferences that metadata can be stored in a custom folder. But that option seems to have hard code the path to each file in an XML file - not good for syncing to a backup drive.

Great to hear, thanks! The option to store metadata in a custom folder is only for very specific/exotic requirements (e.g. media drive not writable) and I'd definitely advice against using it in your case. I can't promise you if and when we'll make the name of the subfolder non-hidden, so if you can find a workaround for the time being that'd be great.

Thanks. I think the only other hidden files in Mac OS subfolders (the root folder often have additional hidden files) are the .DS_Store files so a workaround is to only exclude the .DS_Store files and include all other hidden files that then include the files in .LP_Store folder.

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