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Ability to read "Tape Name" in Kyno

It would be great if Kyno could read & display the "Tape Name" that is already in the decades of DV files that I already have captured on disk. I know the tape name is there bc I can see the info whenever I import old DV files into Premiere Pro. If I could simply see this info and be able to sort via tape name in Kyno it would help tremendously with organization. Seems like a very simple request.

Thank You

Is anyone from Lesspain Software even reading these forums anymore?

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Reading external metadata is definitely high on our list. It's not as trivial as it may seem because we have to make sure the concept holds for all kinds of external metadata from various sources (Quicktime metadata, Exif, IPTC, XMP, Finder tags, camera sidecars), some of which is only readable but not writeable. We know it's important functionality, but I can't give you a timeline on this yet I'm afraid

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