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Seriously, what is going on with Kyno and support?

I really like this software and have been using it for some time, but now it seems like nobody is home, no forum responses and spam all over the forums, what is going on? Please provide some reassurance to your customers!!!

I have exact the same problem, almost one month since I wrote because of a problem license...what a shame it was such a great support when you were LESS

pain Software.

Thanks for your response Thomas. Did you see my feature request to be able to view "Tape Name" or "Alternate Tape Name" from DV files within Kyno? I have decades of FCP & Premiere captured DV clips that have this metadata in the file and I would like to be able to sort within Kyno using "Tape Name" but this info does not show up under "Reel". Can you help or add this simple feature?

Hi Dan, Thanks for reaching out, we're still here and reading the forums. Admittedly we've been a little quiet lately.. depending on our workload the forum sometimes isn't attended to as much as we'd like, but we do try to react to urgent request. The spam posts are an annoyance and they have increased a little over the past weeks, we'll do some clean up.


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