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Apply tags from previous clip

When we're going through a folder of clips they are often quite similar and it would be very useful to be able see the tags from the previous clip and have the option to apply those tags in one click - or to just select the ones you need by clicking on them rather than going through the whole list again.

Another option would be to have a list of "recently used" tags, so for a folder that is all pretty similar you can just apply the same set of tags over and over in one go.  

At the moment I'm having to retype every tag one by one and it's very time consuming -  sometimes one or two get forgotten if you're doing very detailed tagging and this is problematic when trying to find a clip later.

I do use the batch tagging function but sometimes you can't tell enough information from the thumbnail to be able to do detailed tagging and you have to go in to the clips one by one to add the extra info you can't tell from the thumbnail.


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