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Big Sur

Hi, There is still no Big Sur compatibility. When it will be added? Thanks

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Kyno 1.8.1 doesn't work on macOS Big Sur. We're working on a fix for version 1.8.2 which we hope to release around the 19th of November 2020.

Our apologies for the delay and any inconveniences caused.

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Thank you! I think it would be good when issues like this would be communicated in advance via social media or e-mails. If I would update the MacOS and encounter that the Kyno doesn't work I would be in a big trouble with my clients. 

Agreed, we'll try to do better in the future

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We've just released Kyno 1.8.2 with a fix for macOS Big Sur:

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That was quick! Thank you!

Confirming it to work in Big Sur. Thanks!


1.8.2 doesn't work for me on Big Sur 11.0.1 ...

Any solution ?


@Sacha what happens? It doesn't launch at all?

Please follow the instructions here to send us your log files by email:


Kyno won't launch on a MacBook Pro 16" with its keyboard set to French.

On your advice I overcame this issue by setting the keyboard to American before launching Kyno, then, one Kyno is launched, setback my keyboard to French, to be able to use the program.

However, Kyno is crashing more than often, being almost unusable and useless at this point.

I've sent multiple reports after these crashes, both manually and from the app when launching it back after the crash.

I did't get any answer yet.

Are you aware of these issues on working on them? Are you planning to release any soon an update?


Jean Boris HAMON

Yes, we are aware of the crashes and are working on a fix that we hope to release this week!

Thanks for the information.

Jean Boris

Startup problem with French keyboard solved by 1.8.3 version. Didn't have time yet to test the overall stability while working in the application.

Thanks for the update information.

Kyno won't work on my iMacPro running Big Sur either. Will there be an update to fix this? Today is November 30 and I haven't heard of any software/bug fix for Kyno not opening in Big Sur. -- Nick

Hello Nick.

Did you install version 1.8.3 ? It is launching ok on my Mac Book Pro 16” with last version of Big Sur. Just experienced one crash for the moment...

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