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ProRes conversion not working properly

I have Kyno Premium, and 4TB of Slog3 footage to convert to ProRes.

I have been using Resolve, to make Optimized media, doing a straight convert to ProRes 422 at 1:1. The resulting media is identical to the original, but more edit-friendly.

When I try to do the same (on the same files) with Kyno, I get a darker, more contrasty ProRes image. I've tried 422 and 422 HQ. I've triple checked that I have NO LUTS or adjustments being applied in Kyno. 

Can anyone help me solve what should be a straightforward batch convert.

Many thanks

Attached is a still that shows the original file on the top, and the Kyno ProRes 422 on the bottom.


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This is probably a data range issue. In the program your editing in make sure to set the data range to "full" not "legal" and it should look the same.

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