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recording time

Hi, second question for today, sorry, am figuring out your software, it looks great. I am running latest demo (1.8.1)

The recording time (or Date Recorded) is a very important field for me, since I work with archival footage on historic documentaries. We need to have the material sorted chronologically by date of the content, usually spanning large time periods (like even a whole century).

In the video Advanced Kyno Features Run-Down at 1:25 minutes you show how I can "correct" (I'd rather say: set) the recording time. 

I cannot reproduce what you are doing there. When I rightclick on a clip I get less options than in your video, and correct recording time is not there. Cannot find it on any other logical location either.


thank you,


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Hi Arthur,

we've cleaned up the context menu a bit since producing this video, sorry about that.. the "Correct recording time..." option is now in the app menu under "File" and will be applied to all selected files.

However I'm not sure it does what you need. It currently only changes the file timestamps, not the date set in the container metadata, so it won't have any effect on the "Date Recorded" field, which is read from the container metadata. I can see how the naming is confusing (the "Date Recorded" was added after the "correct" feature) and we should make that more clear.

Best, Thomas

They Thomas - when I select to adjust the "Date Recorded" and enter to date and time, once I hit enter - it only changes the date modified not the date recorded fields.

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