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Next new release?

Has anyone heard about when the next release of Kyno will be?  It seems that in the past new releases had been happening every 6-8 months.

Will there be a Kyno 1.9 or will they go straight to a Kyno 2.0?

To be clear, I have only "tried" Kyno, but a "showstopper bug" is keeping me from buying it.  Screen write problems make the software literally unusable.  --

I have noticed that the "Trial" version has not been updated for at least 6 months.  Does that mean that there hasn't even been a bug fix release during that time?  I really hope not because with all the bugs I've seen reported (large and small) this would almost amount to the software being abandoned.

Please, Lesspain/Kyno, help me and give me a reason to BUY the software!  Seriously, my credit card is ready.



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Scott, Kyno 1.9 is in the works and we hope to release it this year, sorry for the lack of responses to this critical issue. We haven't been able to reproduce or fix it yet unfortunately but we're still trying. We may get int touch directly with you to test something if that's OK. I've reset your trial status so you should be able to sign up again. Thanks for being patient and persistent with us

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