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KYNO hardware support.

Does KYNO support any type of editing hardware such as ShuttlePRO and similar hardware?
Being able to use a shuttle or jog wheel to quickly get in / out:s, and subclips would been very time-saving instead of using the mouse.

Shuttle pro is just a keystroke emulator so Kyno does not need to support it.  Just map keystrokes to the device and point it at the kyno exe file (use the contour control panel to do this.)

Having said this, the keystrokes Kyno uses for "scrubbing" are not going to work very well for this, but maybe OK for your purposes? Other things like changing modes. etc can be mapped to the shuttle's buttons so that will give some benefit.

Thanks for the information. Have now, after some figuring and testing, managed to make my Shuttle work really well with various shortcuts. Jog wheel works well but as you mentioned the shuttle function does not works very well. Play a clip at a very slow speed works, but as soon as I turn up the speed, the playhead jumps to the end of the clip. 

If it is possible for the shuttle to function as it does in e.g. Davinci Resolve or FCP it would be amazing. Then it’s by far the best and most efficient solution to log footage from e.g. memory cards.

I agree, KYNO would need to change its playback & scrubbing to allow this.    Currently it is OK for looking at footage, but not really good enough (IMO) to make it worthwhile to subclip.   Far better/faster to do this in your NLE where you have accurate and fast scrubbing through clips for setting in/out points and also hover scrub for quick review.

It is really great for keyword tagging and sorting however.

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