Kyno is now owned by Signiant, Inc. Signiant’s EULA for Kyno will apply to new licenses as well as to Kyno support services and updates that we may provide. In addition, Signiant’s global privacy policy will apply in each case where Signiant’s EULA for Kyno applies, as well as to any communications with us about Kyno. Read the full announcement.
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1.9 due soon?

Seems awfully quiet - maybe 1.9 this month?

Working on it :-) we're planning this month, may become February.

Excellent!   Looking forward to it.    Is there a beta?

There will be soon - I put you on the list

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Canon CRM support.

Huhhuh - any update on the update?

Really anxious on it. :-)


What impact does the Signiant acquisition have on 1.9 and further updates?

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wondering about the release of 1.9 and possible ProResRAW support.

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Also wondering about release 1.9... Planning was january, maybe februari... Please give us some information. Even the beta is still not here. 

What will happen to Kyno in the near future? (Signiant acquisition). Will it still be a local, desktop app, or will it become an online-service? (Or maybe both?)

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Any updates on this ?

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