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Additional Metadata Field Needed to Track Archival Sources

I'm currently trying to use Kyno to manage the media for a documentary series. There are thousands of stills images from archival sources that need to be tracked. At the moment, I can't see any way to easily track the source of the files. When the doc is finished the producers will have to go back to the rights holders to license the use of each image, but given the limited metadata fields available for still images in Kyno, I'm going to have to use an external database to track that info. It would be much easier if there was a custom metadata field, or even better a dedicated "source" metadata field so that I could track that metadata directly in Kyno.

Can you not just add extra tags?   (You are not limited to just one per still.)

I did notice, however, that stills are missing a bunch of metadata fields that video clips have (e.g scene, shot)  - would be better IMO if they were the same.

I need the tags to track the meaning/use of the content rather than it's source. To use tags to track sources as well would create so many additional tags that the sheer number of tags would become difficult to manage. I agree with you that more of those metadata fields used for video and audio would be useful to add to still images.

Not withstanding your request for a new feature.    

As a workaround you could put "source" in comments or title.  Remember you can do a text search PLUS a tag search and KYNO works super fast.   e.g  (just making this up as you haven't given an example)  Text search "Getty" and tag = New York  to get all your New York photos provided by Getty images.

I am not able to use title and description fields for that purpose on this project - the title and description are already unique for each file (metadata that was entered in and imported from from Premiere Pro) and it is not possible to append additional info to the title and description as a batch operation without overwriting what's already there.

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