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Proxy playback option

We are planning to use KYNO as MAM Team-Solution.

In future, parts of our team will also work from home via VNC-tunnel. For a better playback it would be great, if every asset could be linked to a proxy version and one could decide inside KYNO, if the original highres footage or the proxy version is screened.

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Just as a hint - the MAM AXLE.AI always keeps the original File container and connects all informations and proxys to that file. But with the potential to even archive and vecate the highres original - in that case, it just leaves a zero Byte big container at the path of origin. So you can see in your OS, that those files exists, and the MAM Client Browser can show them all, search them, even 'playback' them, as they are connected to the proxy. They advise to keep the proxys on a fast SSD, I am not that sure if this is necessary and estimate, if you include a proxy playback function, those files could be storred just next to corresponding XML.

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