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Archiware Proxy workflow

We are planning to use KYNO as MAM Team-Solution -  and a good integration into our LTO system would be vital.

It would be great, if KYNO's archiware integration would support a real online/offline workflow, where archived highres footage is replaced by lowres proxy files. In theory I could push that job to archiware, but I believe, that the potential of KYNO creating such proxys is better developed and don't want to push our archiware server to hardattack, when 1-5 TB of new 4k footage has to be transcoded.

I believe it would be something like:

1) select asset to be archived
2) create something like '*_temp.mxf' version for that asset
3) send asset to archiware
4) receive a call of successfull archiving
5) replace highres file through temp version

(In an ideal situation for us, there wouldn't be the need to replace, but that Kyno can cupport different quality versions of one asset and only archives the original one)

6) It would be great, if that asset could be restored through KYNO, without the need to switch to the archiware webclient.

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