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Kyno transcodes show wrong timecode in Premiere

Hi there!

I transcoded a bunch of footage using Kyno 1.8.3 and while the raw footage and transcode timecode are the same in Kyno, the transcode timecode is not correct in Premiere. It's probably a Premiere issue, but has anyone experienced this problem? The timecode is also read correctly in Resolve & QT7.

The raw footage is MXF and the transcodes are ProRes 422HQ - timecode is out in premiere by about 30sec each time, but it isn't consistent.

Tried making transcodes out of Media Encoder and they show the correct timecode.

My transcode settings in kyno are attached!

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Im experiencing somethin very similar with some Footage of some cams (in this case the Panasonic S1H), which isn´t shot in 25fps.

Timcode in Kyno is missinterpreted and then leads to wrong Proxy files.
A File wich is shot with 50fps has in Kyno ecatly the half of the original Timecode.

Original: 08:26:40:40
Kyno: 04:13:20:20

For Files with 29,97 fps it gets even weird:
Original: 16;12;33;03
Listed in Kyno as : 16;11;34;24
transcodes from Kyno to: 16;13;31;15

That make working with kyno as transcoder fpr Proxy nearly impossible and means to me a lot of re-Transcoding of formerly wrong transoced Footage.

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