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Metadata Settings

Where can I set the default metadata fields?

Is this software a joke ?

Do the devs think it's amusing that metadata fields reset evertime I load a new card?

Thank you

You can't currently define a default set of columns in the list view, a new card will display the default set of columns. To restore the metadata columns for the same card or external device you can check the option in Preferences - Devices - Restore browser UI settings when reconnecting a device .

I'll forward the request for being able to define a default column set to the product team, thank you for the feedback

This is extremely disappointing to hear the software lacks such a basic function. 

I assert two of the upmost important fields are missing from the default view.

That is Start code and End code.

This is a completely unacceptable lack of functionality that should have been built into the software during initial development.

Such a feature is extremely important because Media Management requires checking timecode regularly!

How can I work efficiently when I need to reset the metadata view every single new card I ingest?? 

Please ask your devs look at this urgently and at the bare minimum add Start and End code fields to the default view.

Interesting. Never noticed it as a missing thing. But i guess, because I offload my stuff before and do all the handling on my working drive, not a media card. And there the selection stays as configured.

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