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Converted files disappear immediately after being created

I sent the following to support a couple weeks ago, so thought I'd ask here in the forums while I wait...

I'm still in my trial of Kyno, so I'm new.

A useful feature of Kyno is creating and exporting subclips. I break a video into several segments and convert them for sharing. Awesome, except that some of the time, the exported file disappears after rendering. It's so weird. It just happened again. I created 2 subclips in a movie (.mov exported from iPhone 12) and selected File->Export subclips->H.264. Once complete, there was only one exported subclip. I tried exporting the second one individually while watching the folder. The exported clip showed up, then disappeared. 

Here's a video showing this: 

Note that the other subclip rendered fine.

I'm stumped. Is there something I'm doing wrong that would cause this?



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