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Offloading to hardrives in full quality + to cloud platform

Hey Everyone, I'm about to start shooting on a 12 week Documentary project where we will be offloading all the 4K to two hardrives I'm also going to be saving all the same footage to a online cloud program called lucidlink also. I was wandering that within the Copy and Verify menu when I offload the 4K footage from the SD Cards to the drives is it possible to set up an automated transfer to the Lucidlink cloud program in a lower format at the same time as offloading the full Res footage? I understand that I could do a secondary Copy and Verify to the cloud in a lower format but as we will be shooting for such a long time if I can set this up now it will save a lot of time and energy.
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Thanks for reaching out. Copying and converting at the same time isn't yet possible I'm afraid, but it's something we've been thinking about for a while and this kind of automation definitely makes a lot of sense to have in Kyno.

For now you'd need to do it in a 2-step process - Copy and Verify to a harddrive, then batch-convert a selection of clips to Lucid drive. You'll probably want to make use of the options "Keep folder structure" and "Skip existing files" when transcoding all your footage in drilldown.

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