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Found fix for LucidLink cloud drive no longer appearing in Kyno

After not opening Kyno for several months, today when I opened the program I could not get the LucidLink cloud drive to appear (or even add it again to workspace) in Kyno, though it was mounted on the Mac desktop.

Solution thanks to LucidLink:

In terminal use these commands to set the mount-point within the users home directory:

lucid unmount

then once the Lucid cloud drive has unmounted on the Mac desktop, type this command into terminal:

lucid mount ~/Lucid

Open Kyno, delete the old Workspace link to your LucidLink cloud drive (assuming it still has the line through it like it's offline), then add it back again. Gear icon, "Add folder to workspace" and select the LucidLink cloud drive.

It worked for me, as the Lucid cloud drive immediately appeared in the Kyno Workspace column. Yay.

Thanks for finding out and documenting the solution here! There's a certain property of the Lucid drive on Mac that seems to change sometimes. We've also prepared a fix for the next version that should catch these cases.

Thanks Thomas. 

You guys are amazing. Keep up the good work!

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