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Preserve full-screen mode when moving to previous/next clip

Currently, when previewing a clip in full-screen and moving to another clip (CTRL+Arrow Left/Right) Kyno exits full-screen automatically. So far as I have seen there is no option to remain in full-screen mode.

Would it be possible to at least give an option for remaining in full-screen mode?

With the slow(ish) GUI update when loading the previous/following clip, it takes several seconds of lost time, plus a few unnecessary key-presses to keep reviewing in full-screen.

Alternatively (and maybe even better!), allow for playback on a second monitor while the interface is open on the main screen.


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Full-screen mode would be very nice!

I agree.  this behavior is totally bizarre.  I've never used any software and had to constantly tell it to go back to full screen.

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