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Send to DaVinci Resolve fail

Downloaded the KYNO trial (1.8.4), selected 3 clips as a test, send to DaVinci Resolve...

In Resolve I get '3 of 3 clips were not yet found' doesn't find them either.

After being pretty excited about using this after watching all the YouTube content, it's fallen at the first fence...

Unless I'm doing something wrong...?

Hopefully I'm doing something wrong because I really want to use this app )

I'm on MacBook Pro 16" 5500m gpu, DaVinci Resolve 17.1.1

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The problem appears to be .mov files in .RDC folders...

Which happened when we made proxies of R3D files and kept folder structure...

Kyno imports the raw R3D files fine.

Also imports the mov files from anywhere else but the .RDC folders.

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