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Edit Tags list

I have a few misspelled and mis-entered metadata tags and would like to rename them in the list correctly. I feel like this feature was there previously. Can you please advise on how this is done?  Thank you

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Hi Lydia, I'm afraid that's not currently possible. Kyno doesn't really have a central list of tags. For example renaming a tag in your list wouldn't be able to affect the tags you have on disconnected external storage for example. So the way to rename a tag is to re-tag the assets in question and remove the wrong tag. The list in preferences is rather something that allows you to pre-define the tags you'd like to use so you don't misstype them

There should be a way to remove tags that you never used at all, for example, I started to write the word wonderful and I wrote winderfull and of course I’m never going to use that tag but it still is there in the pull down list? I understand about not wanting to necessarily tags that have been used but I don’t know that that’s a problem if they’re never used because of spelling errors and problems and I wouldn’t rename a tag that’s been in use I would rename the tag that was done improperly.

You should be able to remove "winderfull" from the list in Kyno - Preferences - Tags. But if material that you're browsing has the tag "winderfull" applied it'll reappear on your list. You'll have to manually change the tags on those clips. It's pretty easy to do - just drill down on the whole collection add a Tag-filter and filter by "winderfull". If there are any results, select all and press Cmd-Shift-T and add the correct tag. Press ok and then press Cmd-Shift-T again to remove the wrong tag.

Thank you so much for that information that is absolutely the critical Keyboard shortcut I was looking for! I wish it were easier to find and that I didn’t have to bother you. Thank you again
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