Kyno is now owned by Signiant, Inc. Signiant’s EULA for Kyno will apply to new licenses as well as to Kyno support services and updates that we may provide. In addition, Signiant’s global privacy policy will apply in each case where Signiant’s EULA for Kyno applies, as well as to any communications with us about Kyno. Read the full announcement.
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Is Kyno dead -- Signiant acquisition of Lesspain Software???

What does this mean for Kyno?

LEXINGTON, Mass., March 16, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- Signiant Inc. today announced the acquisition of Lesspain Software, a German provider of embedded media processing software and the desktop application Kyno. Lesspain's talent and technology will be used to extend the functionality of Signiant's market-leading Software Defined Content Exchange (SDCX) SaaS platform, adding powerful tools for interaction with media assets. With nearly one million users worldwide, the platform connects more than 50,000 Media & Entertainment companies of all sizes.

Sapaka: Agree with all the video and audio content that are created I would also think there would be a big market and that competitor would jump in. With a similar solution…

Hey folks, just heard from Thomas yesterday that "Kyno is alive" and he acknowledged the team are somewhat behind on support at the moment. So, I'll take that as a hopeful !

Jerry: Sounds hopeful. Still wish the would officially communicate. Unfortunately I think they lost some trust with users and people thinking of buying due to lack in communication that might take sometime to recover…

Maybe Kyno is not "dead, dead" but it is not alive either. What would be a real evidence that Kyno is alive? Official communication, roadmaps, software releases with new features or fixed bugs.  

Pukka: Agree

I would agree as well, but I'm wondering if it is being morphed into another product of Signiant or possibly morphed into a cloud app. And what will the cost be? If you look at the front page of Signiant's website it says: "The Signiant Platform connects people, systems and the cloud for 50,000+ media & entertainment companies."

Has anyone used or looked at Keyflow Pro 2? It has had at least some small bits of continued development based on the version history in the app store. One update 4 weeks ago and another 6 months ago. We originally had been looking at both Keyflow Pro and Kyno and, of course, ended up choosing Kyno. But I'm so gun shy now, our only minor change was purchasing Final Cut Library Manager. Not really a media management software but very powerful. Here's one bit on just the searching ability:

"With the Advanced license, you can now search among event names, project names, notes, comments, media keywords, media file names and even their personalized names in Final Cut Pro. If a media matches your search, it will be highlighted in yellow in the list of internal or external media, accessible with a single click. You can then preview it using QuickLook, display it in the Finder or, in the case of internal media, copy it to the location of your choice."

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CG: I hope it’s going to stay as and desktop application and maybe with a cloud integration rather than a cloud app. I prefer not apps that are depending on Internet due to speed especially for transcoding and similar. I can see the benefit having it in the cloud as a collaboration.

I looked at Keyflow and compared it to Kyno. At the time media needed to be imported to Keyflow to search etc which is good if the media is offline since you have a local database. It wouldn’t search in folders direct like Kyno so I went with Kyno…

Rumors of the Emperor's death are greatly exaggerated.  

I have received this message from Kyno just this week.  

There is still hope.

<FORWARDED from JULY 28, 2022>

Hi Craig,

...Regarding the future of Kyno – we’re currently working on the 1.9 release, so Kyno remains active and we will keep it compatible with operating systems and add things like format support for new cameras.

Best, Thomas

Craig: Great news. Thanks for sharing.

I'll believe it when I see it

Or you can enjoy it until otherwise, Mike. Stay positive, buddy.

Well considering Kyno is completely broken and unuseable for me, theres nothing about it to enjoy

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