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Is Kyno dead -- Signiant acquisition of Lesspain Software???

What does this mean for Kyno?

LEXINGTON, Mass., March 16, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- Signiant Inc. today announced the acquisition of Lesspain Software, a German provider of embedded media processing software and the desktop application Kyno. Lesspain's talent and technology will be used to extend the functionality of Signiant's market-leading Software Defined Content Exchange (SDCX) SaaS platform, adding powerful tools for interaction with media assets. With nearly one million users worldwide, the platform connects more than 50,000 Media & Entertainment companies of all sizes.

Thank you for sharing Steve.

I won't hold my breast but let's cross our fingers.

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Love the Kyno, but I hesitate to use it since there is no proof that Signiant  continues to invest in the development (it may not support new strategy?). Software updates is a tanginble proof that something is actually happening.

Are there any feasible alternative for prosumers? Davinci Resolve has Media management function, but I haven't used it, just tested. Before I started to use the Kyno, i used Adobe LR (I created a proxy files for BRAW clips...). For me, Kyno with the BRAW gen 5 color science support would be a great solution. And many people have requested ProRes RAW support. Bring it on, Signiant!

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I'm pretty sure you can generate ProRes already in Kyno 1.8.1 (the current version). The only alternative to Kyno I've tried is Adobe Bridge. It's free, but last time I used it there wasn't much to the tool, which is probably why it was free. It couldn't read H265 for example, didn't have a built in viewer, etc. I won't pay monthly fees for Adobe products (but happily paid $300 for DaVinci Resolve Studio). I haven't tried doing extensive media management in DaVinci. Using Kyno kind of defeats the use of my Speed Editor since I've already done the rough work in Kyno. I've built a video database in Kyno with subclips, and I've built a database in Lightroom for images. I have an old copy of Lighroom 6 standalone that I continue to use but it doesn't like modern video formats so I separate video & images to different locations on disk. I wouldn't do Lightroom again if I was starting from scratch, with the high monthly fee.

Bueller? Bueller? Bueller? Bueller?

It lives! From another thread today:


Thomas Meyer
said 12 hours ago


I understand your frustration, the release of the fix was delayed longer than it should, but it will be made. Kyno hasn't been abandoned and the BRAW fix is half-way done already, we just need to slot it in between other priorities and unfortunately I still can't say when that'll happen exactly.

Good point regarding the website, we will add a note regarding gen5 until it's fixed.

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That's good to hear.

If/when they do a release it will be my first update since purchase, but longer than a year, so I wonder if I'll have to pay for the maintenance release...

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