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Is Kyno dead or what is going on here?

Hey, I boughht Kyno and I try to get an invoice for this product. No answer, no information since 2 weeks. Is this product dead?

Iconik looks super interesting but the pricing is a little sneaky ! $89 per month for the first user (so you can manage the account etyc, which seems a bit sneaky that they don't come right out and say that from the outset.) then $49 per user after. so really the 'no minimums'is a bit of a furphy. That said it seems like a good mix between Frame and Kyno with Transcription and AI metadata tagging etc all thrown in. But also a lot of nice words and 'big speak'in the shiny website. After my experience with Kyno I'm now extra wary of taking on someone else's passion project to get dumped when the big bucks turn up to by them out. Heck I'd probably do the same, but I'd like to think I would be more grateful to the customers that got me there in the first place.

Hey folks, just heard from Thomas yesterday that "Kyno is alive" and he acknowledged the team are somewhat behind on support at the moment. So, I'll take that as a hopeful !

Cool!, I think they must give us some explanations and excuses for their absence.

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