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Is Kyno dead or what is going on here?

Hey, I boughht Kyno and I try to get an invoice for this product. No answer, no information since 2 weeks. Is this product dead?

It seems to be. They got bought out and I guess are just abandoning it

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I've sent a support ticket in the past and just recently, with no response. Very disappointing since it is a good product. 

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Is it a dead product?

Read other recent threads in the forums. Post a support ticket. It's clear there's no life on the other side. :)

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It seems that a 1.9 is in the way.

No clear explanation if the new owner will continue to invest in this product or it will just predate its features/patents. 

Hard decision for a new customer...

Check out this thread for more info, down at the bottom.

Doesn't seem to be, Can't be  professional tool if it doesn't keep up with all the latest file formats etc. 

I wouldn't care if they merged it into another tool, I just can't keep using a half baked piece of software. 

They should have gone a blender path and saved it from being swallowed up.

Has anyone figured out any alternatives to Kyno? I've waiting a long time for them to say ANYTHING about this and they just haven't

You could have a look at Mync - not as fully featured as Kyno (in some ways) but a possible option

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You might also have a look at Hedge/EditReady

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I was mostly interested in metadata indexing and search capability of Kino.
Hedge seems to be a valid tool. 
When choosing a tool for labeling video archives I'm mostly worried about software availability in the future. Inserting metadata on large archives is a time consuming activity and I'm afraid to discover after five year that my shiny tool does not exist anymore...

Yea I hear you man, it's a pain investing time and energy into proprietary systems that suddenly disappear !

it is amazing that no one has invented a standard for metadata. A one-size-fits-all XML sidecard file...

Does any one have tried Iconik? I'm just curious

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