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BRAW not supported?

Hi there,

Latest version, 1.8.4 Premium, just installed, new customer. I can't playback BRAW files, says Playback not supported. ???

I raised a support ticket last Thursday, but no response yet.

Anything silly I might be missing? Tried it on both my Macs but still says "Playback not supported" next to each BRAW thumbnail...

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Hi Lenny, unfortunately Blackmagic Design released an update to their camera firmware (5 gen color science), making material incompatible with old SDK versions. We're working on an update to Kyno and it should be released soon.

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Thanks Thomas, appreciate the feedback. :)

@Thomas Meyer is Kyno still alive then as I wanted to buy another license for two people in my team but Kyno has seemed to be dead since the takeover no responses to issues recently...

hello is Kyno still alive as ive had no responses in the last few months since the takeover and its made me worried about buying more licenses plus h265 on m1 Macs just creates an audio file

Hi Jermaine, we're still here and are working on the update for BRAW compatibility.

I found one support request regarding a license reset that I'll do now let me know if there's anything else

@Thomas Meyer, can you give us any indication of when this update might happen? The Gen 5 BRAW happened back in April. Right now our entire media management workflow has come to a grinding halt and it seems like you might be the only person left working on Kyno.

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Any news on this? Been waiting for a fix for a while. I'm starting post-production for a documentary entirely shot in BRAW. Media management was supposed to be on Kyno. Should we be looking at alternatives?

As above, I'm still waiting too. Feeling a bit ripped off to be honest, I only bought Kyno to integrate with my BRAW workflow. I paid for the software and can't use it...

I realise that BMD changed things, and you're working on it, but it's been a while now and no updates. Makes me worry for the future, which is a shame....

Adding to this thread as I just upgraded to premium for the frame io integration, not realising many of the files would be BRAW. I'm not in a hurry like many are here, but would be good to know that my upgrade wasn't in vain on an EOL program, I love Kyno! Many thanks.
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