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BRAW not supported?

Hi there,

Latest version, 1.8.4 Premium, just installed, new customer. I can't playback BRAW files, says Playback not supported. ???

I raised a support ticket last Thursday, but no response yet.

Anything silly I might be missing? Tried it on both my Macs but still says "Playback not supported" next to each BRAW thumbnail...

4 people have this problem

@Thomas Meyer - I got a copy of the 1.9beta but it doesn't work:

1) If I simply install it (upgrade) over the 1.8 which I have with a valid license, it doesn't even launch. I get the following error:


2) If I install 1.9 clean (after removing 1.8), the license key for 1.8 doesn't work and I get the following error (license key obviously removed for privacy reasons):


Any solution to this?

@Petar, thanks for reporting the Windows upgrade problem, this is something that can happen during the beta phase unfortunately. As you noticed, uninstalling and reinstalling is the way to resolve it.

I've updated your license so it's valid for 1.9, please try again.

Hello! It's weird that some braw clips will play for me but others won't... Can I be added to the 1.9 beta? It seems to be the only way to fix the issue.

The previous versions of Kyno do not support BRAWs gen 5 color science.

@Thomas Meyer: is there updated version of the 1.9 beta? The beta I am using does show BRAWs but file operations (copy, paste) are unrealible.  

If possible, please add me to the version 1.9 beta.  I opened Ticket #26213 with my license information.  Thanks.

@Thomas Meyer I got a laptop as a second machine to work on. Trying to activate the 1.9beta on it resulted in the same error as above. Is there a time limit to activating the 1.9beta license?

I'll need to switch to the laptop for the coming few months, but as it is now - I can't use 1.9beta on it. Is there a way to activate the beta license again?

Hi There, I am hoping to be added to the 1.9 Private Beta to test with updated BRaw. I was about to purchase the software, as everything works to my needs in 1.8.4 except being able to work with BRaw

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