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BRAW not supported?

Hi there,

Latest version, 1.8.4 Premium, just installed, new customer. I can't playback BRAW files, says Playback not supported. ???

I raised a support ticket last Thursday, but no response yet.

Anything silly I might be missing? Tried it on both my Macs but still says "Playback not supported" next to each BRAW thumbnail...

3 people have this problem

@Petar, thanks for reporting the Windows upgrade problem, this is something that can happen during the beta phase unfortunately. As you noticed, uninstalling and reinstalling is the way to resolve it.

I've updated your license so it's valid for 1.9, please try again.

@Thomas Meyer - I got a copy of the 1.9beta but it doesn't work:

1) If I simply install it (upgrade) over the 1.8 which I have with a valid license, it doesn't even launch. I get the following error:


2) If I install 1.9 clean (after removing 1.8), the license key for 1.8 doesn't work and I get the following error (license key obviously removed for privacy reasons):


Any solution to this?

I would love to participate in 1.9 beta testing as well, especially concerning BRAW.


I would like to participate in 1.9 beta as well.

Request to take part in the beta version, please.

Let us know what you find Stephan!


Still waiting on my beta access over a month later.

Getting ready to start exploring other solutions...

I have been using the 1.9 beta for a couple of weeks. I am happy to inform that Kyno can now visualise BRAW gen5 clips (both Window 11 and MacOS 12.2.1). I use the BMPCC 6K Pro. Unfortunately there are still some weird issues when copying files from SD card to SSD (but re-starting helps). Anyway, this look promising!

We sent out a few more beta links, hope we didn't miss anyone.

There's no decision regarding pricing/updates yet, but of course we'll take into account that there haven't been any substantial updates for more than a year.

I sent an e-mail 20 days ago and asked to be included in the beta. Still no reponse. Perhaps somebody is reading this then?

Would love to give this beta a Try... Also, what will happen to all of us that paid for licenses? Will 1.9 be included since all the Yearly" stuff is on hold?


Can you add me to the beta as well? Thanks!

Please add me to the beta. I am shooting with the 6K Pro, and I would love to get a visibility what I have shot.

What a great news! Could you please add me to beta 1.9? I got in touch with you two days ago over email. Hopefully, it reached you. I'd love to start my new project in 1.9 as it's 100% BRAW. Can't wait, thank you so much!

Great to hear, thanks for the feedback!

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