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Online DAM version

We are using Kyno on our 100TB video library, but it is too slow as a DAM when we want to search on the whole library. We also want to have a low res version online, so we can invite users to search for video clips and create albums. Most DAM solutions are very expensive(!), and we are already storing everything on Dropbox so it feels like a waste to pay for a second backup somewhere else. I'm converting everything to 720P now, and looking at Bynder, but a more streamlined solution would be awesome! It would be awesome if was more like an online version of Kyno for example...
Does anyone know a good solution for this?

Thank you! That is amazing!!! 

Check out - plans start at about 100,- USD / month. (Other MAM /DAM Solution are quite more expensive) I think it offers all the things you need.

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