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Workflow - Subclips with deletion of original

Hi there,

Disclaimer: I am an absolute newbie with Kyno and with video editing in general.

I have a lot of drone and GoPro files with 80% of the footage that is unusable

I want to use Kyno to make subclips to get rid of the unusable footage while keeping quality AND get rid of the original file to save disk space.

Right now my workflow is really cumbersome.

My questions:

  • To get my subclips in the same high quality, I would assume the best way is to chop the file and keep exactly the same settings and formats. I didn't find this option and apparently I need to rewrap from mp4 to mov. Is that normal? Is quality preserved?
  • Also, while doing so I have the option to re-encode... Can I ignore that and safely choose 'Do not re encode'? 
  • Let's assume that I am happy with my sub clipping selection, can I safely delete the original file? Will the tags applied to the original be applied to the subclips files? Will I be able to search them as if they were original files?
  • Do you have any workflow advice to achieve my goals?

Thank you very much for your help, advice and support


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