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Black Friday 2021

Urgent call for Kyno 1.9

Will there be a Black Friday deal on KYNO in 2021? In 2020 there was. We renewed our license, since version 1.9 would be launched soon and by renewing the update would be free! But untill now 1.9 has not arrived yet. 

When announching the Black friday deal in 2020, the arrival of 1.9 was "promised" to arrive soon... This "promise" sounds a bit cheaty, don't you think?

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I bought Kyno twice. And the last year has not been updated. It is a pity that they stopped actively developing it. The program is very cool and useful, there are many new things that we would like to see and what would it develop further (

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I'm reading all the features before buying it. Do you mean is a dead product?

Uncertain... On black Friday 2020 Lesspain "promised" to release version 1.9 very soon to everyone that would renew their license (with discount). Since then? Complete radio silence. They have responded to some questions about software issues, but all other questions remain unanswered. Except for the statements about KYNO being acquired by Signiant, there has been no news at all. 

I really love using KYNO, but it’s future is very uncertain. 


Dropping the question (to buy or not to buy) in this forum will not help you deciding.

So what is the status in 2021?

-       KYNO Functionality = ++

-       KYNO Integration = +

-       KYNO, © Signiant recent updates & new features = -

-       KYNO, © Signiant response = -- 

-       KYNO, © Signiant for Future workflow = ?????

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Thanks, Willem,

It's a tough decision to invest in something EOL.

I have tons of clips in BRAW and I read bad news.

I understand it's not a MAM but the metadata system is really interesting but How can I trust an EOL SW when I may be going to search my metadata in 3 years?

For €50 or $50 - sure, get it and use it while it works for you (if you have old BRAW files). At the current pricing and practically non-existent support - it's an easy decision. Don't. Just don't do it. ;)

Rant over, before I get banned... lol

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This is a great software. It is pitiful that they let it die.

I noticed that Thomas Meyer - Lesspain - sometimes responds to questions about functionality and software-issues. Reading closely, I would conclude that Kyno is not dead at all. (At least, not yet.)

Most likely it is not Lesspain who chooses not to communicate, but Signiant. Since Signiant owns this company now, they – most likely - do not allow Lesspain communicating about future developments.

Personally, I can't imagine that passionate programmers like the people from Lesspain would sell their software to see it die, because someone wants it to die. 

I dear to say that Signiant did not buy Lesspain and Kyno for its user crowd, but for the architecture behind it. Also I think Kyno users are not per se also Signiant-customers. Signiant recognized the usability and potential for their business.


We will continue to use Kyno and hope that 2022 will bring what we all hope for: Kyno 1.9 +++.

(Also, because there is no decent and affordable alternative, is there?)



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