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searching subclips?

Are subclips searchable? How would I go about that? I desire to be able to look for types of shots or types of art or types of backgrounds so that I can easily combine elements when i go to make my videos.

Thank you!

Kyno will match subclip and marker titles and descriptions when filtering in the browser view, but it'll display the full clip, it doesn't display subclips as search results as of now. You'll need to go into the detail view, export the subclips from there and combine them in the editing application of your choice

Hi Thomas

I've asked this question a couple of times. You responded 2 years ago and then this time a couple weeks ago. In your first response you made it seem like you are part of the team. Is that the case?

I ask because I have been having a hell of a time figuring out the solution to my situation. I'm concerned about putting in work using Kyno only for it to not be supported down the line.

I'm wanting to organize my videos, tag them, create subclips with descriptions.

All this info gets saved as a sidecar file in the folder, yeah? If LessPain were to stop supporting Kyno, would I be able to recover the work I had put in in organizing?

Thank you Thomas

Are you saying that the subclip description is searchable? Or only the clip description?

Both title and description are searchable

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