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Activation Limit Issues

We recently had to reinstall Windows on our main editing PC and left one of our software activations on the previous copy of Windows.

When we go to activate Kyno on the same computer with the previously purchased key, it requires deactivation and gives no automated option to do so.

What is the workaround for this?

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Same here Jeda. Forgot to deactivate before a windows re-install and now no word from support e-mail. Have lodged a ticket formally. 

Feel sad that Kyno seems dead in the water. Have been trying to get a licence deactivated since 14 June,  sadly with no response forthcoming on either email or here.

Try emailing

I got a reply back (at least from someone, saying they were forwarding my mail to someone in support) within 12 hours. I'll let you know if 'support' get back to me.

Sadly the lack of response from Kyno/Signiant makes me wonder if it's all over :(
I've been chasing to cancel an activation since June and even spoke to a super helpful dude in Massachusetts who gave me Thomas's email at Signiant, all to no avail. Freakin disappointing...

Hey folks, just heard from Thomas yesterday that "Kyno is alive" and he acknowledged the team are somewhat behind on support at the moment. So, I'll take that as a hopeful !

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FWIW, I had this issue and filed a ticket and heard nothing for nearly 2 weeks. Wrote directly to their email and they fixed it same day. 

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