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Newbie help

Just taking Kyno for a spin - liking it a lot so far with limited use. Couple of questions. 

1. Field recording audio files - appear to be auto-assigned (e.g. 5.1 for a 6 channel mono) and the track metadata doesn't appear to be shown (e.g. A1: Mix Left A2: Mix Right A3: Boom etc etc). Am I missing a trick here?

2. No audio waveforms (I think that is a long standing feature request?)

3. Sending e.g. a 25fps source clip to a 50fps project in Resolve appears to put all the subclips and markers in the wrong place by a factor of 2. 

e.g. a 5" subclip, 5" into the clip will appear as a 10" subclip, 10" into the clip in resolve. Not a problem in PP as that doesn't have frame rates for the project. 

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