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Does Kyno Lockup For Anyone Else?

For me, Kyno locks up after I open it and I end up having to for close it each time. I sometimes have to open 2-5 times before I can use it. Does anyone else have this issue? I put in a ticket a month ago and have not gotten any response. I only just bought this software a few months ago.

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Responded from our ticket system, please try the 1.9 beta to test if that improves things

I think the same things happening with mine. I had a prepetual license a few years ago...never had issues...I just reinstalled and bought the new premium prepetual license...and it is the buggiest most unreliable software I've ever seen. I just started a support ticket...we'll see if anything comes of it.

Any time trying to view or tag anything.  Crashes    What a waste.  I just bought it 3 weeks ago,  wish I would have read it here.  But bought it with Amex so just gonna return since does not work.   Plenty of logs to support it.

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