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What is the status of Kyno?

My team has been searching for a software to tag and make our large archive of video footage searchable with the ability to tag selected parts of clips. Kyno seems like the perfect fit, but I don't want to invest in a software that is no longer gong to be supported and updated.

I could not access the main website today, comes back with a privacy error. Is there a reason why?

Have there been any official updates? Where are they shared?

Is there an alternative software? Surely there's a system out there that supports this type of cataloging and tagging?

Hello, It's been a 1.5 year we are waiting for an answer from them. Signiant has a Saas (Cloud Service). Pretty expensive.

In the meantime, I found other solutions:, Mync or Status from Grass Valley,, Keyflow Pro (for FCP Users), Sylverstack Lab from Pomfort. None of them are perfect... Even Kyno is not perfect...  I can not recommend any of these because it all depends of your Users Workflow.

Good Luck

Also, Il you are looking for MAM/DAM, there is plenty solutions : Cat DV, Evolphin, Axel AI, Cantemo, EditShare, Sony Media Cloud Service, Streamline from Ross, eMAM, Grass Valley....

It all depends on your needs and your Users Workflow.

Probably Lesspain will surprise us all. We know that Kyno 1.9 Beta is circulation for months now. It does not have options for Prores Raw (yet). The complete silence from Lesspain might be part of the Signiant-deal. Signing acquired Lesspain / Kyno for its engine underneath. They did not acquire Kyno for its users. If that had, they would have acted pro-active to ensure loyalty. So most likely the Kyno crew was instructed to maintain complete silence for 2 years (hope not longer), except for software issues. But loyalty is not endless. Is it?

I would not invest in Kyno at this moment as well, since no one knows what will happen. Recently I dropped a question about the new proxy-engine in Resolve 18 and the "new" Kyno. No response. Kyno 1.9 Beta does not have Prores Raw. It sees the proxy's from resolve however. Would be nice if it was possible to "exclude" the original camerafiles in the catalog though.

Having said that: I am still using Kyno. How many of us are?

I'm saw Kyno's YouTube account replied just 4 months ago (okay it's long but it's something), so like Williem said, Kyno's staff might just working on the software issues side.

I'm not hopeful tho, if they comeback with version 1.9, I will happily use it again. In the meantime, I'll find

solutions to workaround some of the issues Kyno still has (E.g. No metadata appear in Premiere after sending footage).
P/s: I also using a program that people thought it's dead named "Listary". The developer just came back since April after 3 years and update the software. I'm not saying this to reassure you guys that Kyno will came back, but if it does, I welcome.
The link of the "welcome back" post:

Any news?

Is it dead or not?

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