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Kyno Alternatives

Let's discuss alternative software/services to kyno. I figure since they never respond on here and everyone that visits here is likely in the same situation of wondering, waiting, and now likely looking for alternative solutions, this would be as good of a place as any to share other options.

For metadata and video files catalog I'm testing NeoFinder. Catalog thumbnails and metadata of video files. Supports all Mac supported movie formats, including .mov, .avi, .m4v, .mkv, .flv, and others with ffmpeg. Catalog Elgato EyeTV recordings, and RED .r3d files. Native BlackMagic RAW support with thumbnails and metadata. Movie Contact Sheets. Add ratings, keywords, descriptions, people, copyright information, location data, and a lot more to your photos and videos. NeoFinder uses the standard Adobe XMP format for this, and makes the data immediately available to the other tools in your workflow. Metadata Presets for fast tagging. Create custom annotations fields for any data you need.

It might not be 'dead' because their website is still up, but if they had any interest in caring about it or in any capacity working on it, they'd make something more official. I don't even really know how they are supporting it to begin with since they don't respond to emails, their site hasn't been updated in 2 years and they don't even jump on their forum and provide any remarks. That could be a way to keep the small bit of revenue coming in without any effort.

Hey folks, a small update...

Just had a quick email convo with the folks at Signiant and - to quote " We will continue to support Kyno and we are planning to release an update but I can't tell you a date yet " - I take that as good news :)

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For the time being I am using Lightroom Classic. Not ideal at all for video but I have not found something in the same league as Kyno. I cannot even open it now as it gives me a weird error . I hope someone comes with an alternative as Kyno or even a better one. 

I'd love to find an alternative. I love Kyno and its drilldown feature but I just cannot justify using a tool that has no support for the newest formats. I cannot open BRAW Gen5 (in the stable version) nor R3D files from the RED V-RAPTOR 8K VV.

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I welcome the discussion. Kyno has been a key part of my ingest workflow, with tagging, in/out points, and transcoding to ProRes. I use Final Cut, and now Kyno only partially works. Most of the tags aren’t coming through so it’s almost useless now. Unfortunately I have not found an alternative.

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