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Transcoding multiple clips from one file, need help with file naming

I'm currently scrubbing through a video file and am grabbing clips by setting my in/out points and then transcoding the selection using a ProRes preset. Where I'm hitting a snag is in the file naming process. 

Currently, I have my File name pattern set to: Original Name + Timecode. My assumption here is that the resulting clip will contain the name of the file, appended with the timecode range of my selection, or something to that effect. Instead, the timecode information is presented in the filename as "00000000", regardless of the selection I make. So, the first selection I can transcode fine, but trying to transcode an additional selection will result in Kyno not letting me transcode the selection unless I change the filename pattern, as it is the same filename as the previous one.

It seems like this is a bug, but it's also possible that I'm misunderstanding the intended workflow here. Any ideas? 

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