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Mac OSX 14 Sonoma Keyboard Shortcuts

Has anyone else found that kyno keyboard shortcuts are no longer working on the latest version of OSX?
I'm unable to skip, rate or do anything since the update. I've uninstall and reinstalled.

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Yes, same problem here, I'm going to roll back to Ventura or Monterey. I wish they'd update Kyno, there really is nothing quite like it...

I asked the creator of neofinder to create a kyno importer, he said he would. When he does that I’ll move over, it has 90% of the functionality i was getting from kyno and a lot of new stuff that kyno has fallen behind on.

I am having the same problems.

I like to program but may need to move elsewhere if they cannot get a handle on these things.

Yep, BIG problem. 

Speed with this app was the main reason I purchased it (and absolutely love it) and one of the reasons I told so many people about it. 

Please fix this issue ASAP! Thanks! 

Same issue on my end.

I've also attempted to reassign keyboard shortcuts through the Mac OS system settings, but no luck.

Strangely, the shortcuts do work in some very specific situations, like right after exporting a still image from a video.

If you come across a solution, I'd love to hear about it!

I believe I've found a workable solution. It's not flawless since it relies on a paid utility app, but it does allow me to use Kyno keyboard shortcuts again.

The utility I'm using is called "Keyboard Maestro"—a well-known Mac software that boosts keyboard-based workflows through a wide array of macros and automation.

To get Kyno keyboard shortcuts to work in Sonoma, I set up a new macro group in Keyboard Maestro and configured it to be active only within Kyno.

In this new group, I created individual macros for all the Kyno menu items that require functional keyboard shortcuts.

These macros are activated by the original hotkey combinations and perform the corresponding "select menu" action.

You can see an example of my "Next" macro in the attached screenshot. This particular macro, activated by the Cmd+Right arrow hotkey, selects the "Next" option from Kyno's "View" menu.

This approach seems to be working fine for now, fully restoring Kyno's keyboard shortcut capabilities and even potentially offering more features through advanced Keyboard Maestro functions.

I hope the developers will continue to update Kyno, or at least maintain its compatibility with current Mac OS versions. Until then, third-party utilities like Keyboard Maestro offer a quick, albeit somewhat expensive, fix.


I've got good news. I've just tested the latest development version of Neofinder after asking the developer to add Kyno support when I started this thread. It is the most similar thing I could find to Kyno. They have just added support for Kyno's tags and ratings which can then transferred to a standard format so all that hard work doesn't get lost. I've also found neofinder has a few features Kyno didn't have like AI powered tagging, searching multiple trees at once and being able to zoom the media window which drives me nuts in Kyno. The biggest thing it has going for though is that an actual responsive human being is actively working on making it better.

Thanks, Paige! I also tried Videux, and it seems kind of interesting. The main feature I need is marking in/out points and exporting to Premiere Pro. I can't figure out if Videux can do this. I will try Neofinder.

Thanks, Thomas, but it doesn't seem to help me as I don't have a TourBox.

Sorry Karl -  Solution worked briefly,  then repeatedly failed.  Deleted my suggestion / comment.  I think I'll give Keyboard Maestro a try as mentioned above.  It seems that System level shortcuts work, but App level shortcuts are conflicting or bugging out after 1 or 2 shortcut presses.  Again, C'mon KYNO - take some pride in your software and respect your customers.  

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I've created a few Keyboard Maestro macros. They should be in a Group that only applies to KYNO.

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Thanks Karl - that's helpful.   This workaround get's us going in Sonoma.  I'm still using my Intel Macbook witn Ventura to do the bulk of my subclip logging.  Quick question if anybody knows this:  In Grid view, the period key "." will advance forward to selected next clip continuously (as opposed to the right arrow key that only advances to the end of the row and does not continue to next clip on the subsequent row).  However the comma key "," should logically advance to previous clip continuously, but it doesn't.  This is an issue because I'm creating a workflow with my console scroll wheel for quickly finding clips.  Just putting it out there if anybody has come across this issue and has a fix, or at least want KYNO support to know about it.  

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