Kyno is now owned by Signiant, Inc. Signiant’s EULA for Kyno will apply to new licenses as well as to Kyno support services and updates that we may provide. In addition, Signiant’s global privacy policy will apply in each case where Signiant’s EULA for Kyno applies, as well as to any communications with us about Kyno. Read the full announcement.
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What is going on with kyno

What up with Kyno? Is Lesspain still planning on supporting and or updating kyno? Was it just acquired for the useable parts with no plan on still supporting this software? Since I purchased the software I think it was updated maybe twice in three years is barely useable, and does not recognize a number of video codecs.

 It seems like there are a lot of people still using kyno and I count myself in this group who would be willing to pay or purchase updates or a working version with some clear language from Lesspain about their intentions with kyno because it seems like they are not interested in this selling an supporting this app. There are options to purchase another year of updates but what does that mean? I've yet to see or hear anyone has been able to update know to make it as functional as it was when I bought it

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